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Protecting Our Community Through Training and Information Sharing

The Nevada Threat Analysis Center (NTAC) is a fusion center collaboration between federal, state, and local law enforcement and public safety agencies to integrate criminal and terrorism threat intelligence and provide intake, analysis, fusion, synthesis, and dissemination of that information. The NTAC converts the information into operational intelligence to detect, deter, and defend against terrorist attacks and major criminal threats within the state of Nevada.

NTAC Mission
The mission of the Nevada Threat Analysis Center is to protect Nevada’s citizens, visitors, critical infrastructure and key resources through the receipt, analysis, and dissemination of terrorism, criminal activity, and hazard information to state, local, federal, tribal, and private partners, while ensuring the protection of individual civil rights and civil liberties.

Privacy Policy
The Nevada Threat Analysis Center makes privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties protections an utmost priority in all the information gathered, maintained or accessed. The Center will be open with the public in regard to information and intelligence collection practices. The Center’s privacy policy is available on the National Fusion Center Association's website located at https://nfcausa.org/.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

The NTAC Critical Infrastructure Protection capability enables public and private entities to identify, assess, prioritize, and protect critical infrastructure and key resources so they can detect, prevent, deter, devalue, and mitigate deliberate efforts to destroy, incapacitate, or exploit critical infrastructure and key resources.

InfraGard is a national education and information sharing program created by and between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the private/public sector. There are InfraGard groups in cities around the country.


National Fusion Center Association
The NFCA represents the interests of state and major urban area fusion centers, as well as associated interests of states, tribal nations, and units of local government, in order to promote the development and sustainment of fusion centers to enhance public safety; encourage effective, efficient, ethical, lawful, and professional intelligence and information sharing; and prevent and reduce the harmful effects of crime and terrorism on victims, individuals, and communities.


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A FLO (Fusion Liaison Officer) is any Active peace officer, firefighter, state investigator, federal agent, military investigative personnel, or anyone working closely within the public safety / homeland security community, who has been properly certified by the Nevada Threat Analysis Center (NTAC) and or by other approved partnering agencies, including the Central California Information Center (Regional Threat Assessment Center) (RTAC) / Regional Intelligence Center (RIC). The mission of a FLO is to serve as a conduit of information between members of the public safety community, public/private sector, citizenry and the US Government, in the fight against terrorism.

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Upcoming FLO Training
August 25, 2020 - Tuesday
Sovereigns, Anti-Government and 1st Amendment Audits (Carson S.O.)
Carson City, Nv - Carson City Sheriff's Office (Ormsby Room)
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Registration Closes: 8/25/2020
August 25, 2020 - Tuesday
Fusion Liaison Officer-Carson City
Carson City, NV - Carson City Sheriff's Office (Ormsby Room)
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Registration Closes: 8/25/2020
August 26, 2020 - Wednesday
Active Shooter Training-Carson S.O.
Carson City, NV - Carson City Sheriff's Office
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