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Sovereigns, Anti-Government and 1st Amendment Audits (VA)
Wednesday, June 3, 2020
1:00 pm - 5:00pm
Location: VA Sierra Healthcare System Hospital (Tahoe room, 5th Floor)
Directions: 975 Kirman Avenue, Reno, Nv 89502

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About the Class:   The Sovereign Citizen and Anti-Government Movement Course sponsored by the VA Police and NTAC provides the necessary tools to proactively develop, collect, retrieve, and disseminate information and intelligence pertaining to Sovereigns, and Anti-Government movements and 1st Amendment Audits. In addition the information derived from the training will assist in the future identification of Domestic Extremists engaged in criminal or terrorist activities. The Sovereigns/Anti-Government Course is four hours and is outlined as follows:

1.  Understand the definition and scope of United States Domestic Terrorism.

2.  Understand the categories of Domestic Terrorism/Extremism (Anti-government, Race based, Religious, Special Issue Terrorism).

        3.  Understand anti-government Ideology.

        4.  Understand the two-tiered Sovereign Citizens Movement track and its foundational beliefs and ideology.

        5.  Recognize Sovereign Citizen trends, tactics and activities observed in Nevada and California.

        6.  Recognize and identify Sovereign Citizen tactics often used during traffic stops and enforcement contacts.

        7.  Understand Sovereign tactics and procedures that should be employed by public service employees when interacting with those embracing the ideology.

        8.  Recognize the challenges of enforcing and interacting with anti-government protestors at Bundy type events.

        9.  Understand Patriot Movements, including militias and tax protestor groups.

        10. Understand 1st Amendment Audits and the importance of following established laws and the Constitution when in contact with same


        Location: Department of Emergency Management (classrooms A/B), 2478 Fairview Drive, Carson City, Nevada 89701

        James Lopey, Fusion/Terrorism Liaison Coordinator  775-687-0454


        This class is NV POST Certified # P1470024

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